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 Covid 19 Updates 

April 14th, 2021

GRFN Wellness - AstraZeneca Now Available
April 12th, 2021

Positive Case on the Garden River First Nation
April 6th, 2021

Community Notice - Number of Cases and Low Risk Exposure
April 6th 2021

Community Engagement
April 6th 2021

Holiday Gatherings Info Sheet
March 30th 2021

Urban Indigenous Population Poster SSM Area
March 19th 2021

March 17th 2021

Household Granting Application
March 3rd 2021

Vaccination Rollout Graph
March 3rd 2021

February 26th 2020 - Vaccine Update
March 1st 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Program Townhall Discussion hosted by the GR Wellness Center and the Algoma Public Health Unit [Recorded Version]
February 24th 2021

Office Closure Extended
January 21st 2021

covid testing poster
January 15th, 2021

Pandemic Response Community Notice
January 5th, 2021

Community Notice - Transportation and Closures
January 8th, 2021

Community Notice - Office Closure
January 8th, 2021

Daily update from Chief Andy Rickard. Watch Here
January 7, 2021

Chief Andy Rickard response to Positive Case. Watch Here
January 6th 2020

Positive Case on the Garden River First Nation
January 6th 2021

Order No. 2020-02-02 - Specific Order Implementing Travel Restrictions Onto The Garden River First Nation
January 5th 2021

Community Notice - Travel Restrictions
January 5th 2021

2: An important message from Chief Andy Rickard. Watch Here
January 5th 2020

1: An important message from Chief Andy Rickard. Watch Here
January 5th 2020

Community Notice
January 4th 2021

1. Garden River First Nation COVID-19 Virus By-Law 2020-02
December 23th 2020

Garden River First Nation Order Number 2020-02-01, Specific Order Tightening Restrictions on the GRFN
December 23th 2020

COVID-19 Update from Chief Andy Rickard Watch Here
December 22th 2020

Individuals Visiting the Community for the Holidays
December 16th 2020

Holiday Gatherings, Dinners, Feasts, Winter Solstice, Ceremonies
December 16th 2020

COVID Holiday Safety Message
December 16th 2020

Re-Opening Ontario Act and Regulations
December 4th 2020

Provincial Response Framework
November 25th 2020

Travel Advisory
November 25th 2020

19 GRFN Community Notice
November 12th 2020

October 28th 2020

COVID-19 GRFN Community Notice
October 7th 2020

GRFN Public Works Water Issues Notice
April 28th 2020

GRFN Notice - Steps to Avoid the Spread Of COVID
April 28th 2020

Anishinabek Police Service Message RE-Fire Ban during COVID
April 24th 2020

Nogdawindamin Services Provided During COVID-19
April 23rd 2020

GRFN Food Security Programs - COVID Community Efforts
April 20th 2020

GRFN COVID-19 Neighbourhood Watch
April 20th 2020

Anishinabek Police Service Community Notice RE-Scams
April 20th 2020

Garden River Child Care Center Lunch Program Extension Information
April 16th 2020

Community Notice - Access to GRFN for Shared Custody-Access Agreements
April 14th 2020

Anishinabek Police Service Memo RE-Speeding
April 10th, 2020

Fire Ban - Garden River Fire Department Memo
April 10th 2020

ERCD Support for Businesses-Wage Subsidy-CERB
April 10th 2020

Declared State of Emergency - Restricted Access
April 5th 2020

GRFN Curfew By-Law 2020-01
April 3rd 2020

Housing Department Memo Covid 19
April 1st 2020

Garden River Wellness Center COVID Continuity Plan
April 1st 2020

Community Notice - Blue Paper signage for water emergency
March 31st 2020

GRCFS Community Notice
March 30th 2020

Contact for Questions about COVID
March 30th 2020

Algoma Power Notice RE-COVID
March 24th 2020

Niigaaniin Social Assistance Update
March 20th 2020

Maamwesying Services During COVID Pandemic
March 20th 2020

GRFN Community Update
March 18th 2020

Garden River Child Care Center Lunch Program Information
March 17th 2020

GRFN Press Release on COVOID-19 preventative measures and closures
March 16th 2020

Anishinabek Police Service Response to COVID-19
March 16th 2020

Letter from GRWC Manager RE - COVID
March 14th, 2020

Community Update - COVID Update and Safety
March 14th 2020

Anishinabek Nation Statement on COVID Pandemic
March 12th 2020

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