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 GRFN Draft MRP Law 

Garden River First Nation is in the process of constructing our own law pertaining to Matrimonial Real Property which will relate to the Family Homes On Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act.

Community Consultation Sessions have taken place and events will continue to take place throughout the next several weeks. The website has the draft law that we would like Garden River First Nation members to vote on. If you wish to have a hard copy of the draft law, please contact:

Courtney Solomon, Assistant Economic Development Officer

(705)946-6300, Ext. 223
Email at

Anne Headrick, Housing Supervisor

(705)946-6300, Ext. 248
Email at


View/Download: Community Consulation Feb March 2016
Download: Key Questions for GRFN Community to Address Regarding MRP Law
Download: GRFN Survey Questions
Email the files to

MRP Community Info Bulletin

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