Lands & Resources Department

Department Responsibilities:

The Lands and Resources Department of the Garden River First Nation has a fiduciary obligation to its Citizens and Leadership to manage the lands and natural resources within the Garden River First Nation and its Traditional Territories.

The Garden River First Nation is currently under the Reserve Land and Environment Management Program (RLEMP) land management regime and is funded by ISC.

The five key functions of the RLEMP are:

  1. Community-based land use planning​
  2. Lands Management​
  3. Natural Resources Management​
  4. Environmental Management​
  5. Compliance Management (promotion, monitoring & enforcement)

Department Overview:

  • In Chief and Council’s 2018-2019 Strategic Plan they identified six key themes that had major and recurring impacts on the direction of council. These included: Human resources; Lands & the Environment; Hwy 17 by-pass construction; Financial management; Community engagement; and the Bingo Hall and Golf Course economic development initiatives​
  • As a result, the Garden River First Nations Lands & Resources Department was formally established in 2018 via Motion 2017-2018-33​
  • The new department started with 3 staff – Manager – Environment Coordinator – Admin Assistant​
  • Additional staff now include – Indian Registration Administrator – Fish & Wildlife Coordinator – Forestry Coordinator​

Contact Information

Phone: (705) 253-0225
Fax: (705) 946-6288
183 Noonday Drive,
Garden River First Nation, ON
P6A 0A3


The Lands and Resources Department office is located North of Highway 17 A on Noonday Road next to the Waste Transfer Station and the aggregate pit. 

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Staff Directory

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Alexis Vanderheyen
Richard Perrault
Stephanie Seymour
Aaron Jones
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Lots and Estates Officer
Environmental Coordinator
Fish and Wildlife Coordinator
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705-253-0225 ext. 202
705-253-0225 ext. 203
705-253-0225 ext 206
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