Our Mission

The Governance Office Department will at a high level understand the nature of Garden River First Nation’s key audience and develop the best way to engage them.  Interactions will occur in individual and group settings that represent a variety of roles and authority levels.  The Governance Office will function within the legislative requirements, regulations, policies and procedure and the Mission, Beliefs and Vision of the Garden River First Nation.  The Governance Department will contribute to the accomplishment of the Chief and Council strategic priorities.


The Governance Office will develop a governance plan, in addition, will assist with all matters related to governance as directed by Chief and Council.  We strive to blend the traditional values of our First Nation with the modern realities of self-governance.


The Governance Department includes:

  • Membership Office
  • Restorative Justice Program
  • Ketegaunseebee Youth Wellness Program on Human Trafficking
  • Tobacco Product Distribution Policy & Procedure
  • Laws and Bylaws

Contact Information:


Brandi Nolan,
Governance Specialist 705-946-6300 EXT 242
Terri Tice,
IRA Membership 705-946-6300 EXT 246
Robyn Hache,
Justice Worker 705-946-6300 EXT 244