Chief Shingwaukouse

Our Mission

In the spirit of our ancestors and our Treaty, we endeavour to conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with the Seven Grandfather Teachings given to us by the Creator. We envision a harmonious community that is built on mutual respect that maintains a healthy balance through prosperity and well-being. Through these actions we intend to create a self-sustaining community that fulfills the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all members.

*** Nbwaakaawin-Wisdom *** Zaagidwin-Love *** Mnaadendmowin-Respect
*** Aakdehewin-Bravery *** Gwekwadziwin-Honesty *** Dbaadendizin-Humility
*** Debwewin-Truth

The Name 

The name takes one back to the fur trade. The people living in this area were well known for their vegetable growing along the route the voyagers and explorers followed. Charles Church, established a store on Sugar Island next to the St. Mary’s River. Church purchased vegetables from the First Nations and sold them to the voyagers as they passed through.

Garden River was a place where our people could farm and hunt

– “The Creator’s Garden.”

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