Public Works 

Services Include:

  • Service all reserve roads
  • Contracts with mto, great lakes, algoma fortes (brushing)
  • Satf programs, brushing, maintenance
  • Upgrading railway crossing
  • Echo river road restabilization project
  • Gravel and crushing operations
  • Seniors plowing of driveways
  • Fire protection services
  • Cemetery operations
  • Landfill operations, cleanup, garbage pickup
  • Water services

Public Works Future Plans:

  • Subdivision plan west of the bingo hall
  • Block/village upgrade around the block area
  • Money for seniors plowing of driveways
  • Money for a garbage truck
  • Landfill improvements/expansion
  • New grader
  • Resurfacing of all reserve roads
  • New elevator for Band Office
  • Recycling program
  • Future residential lot development
  • Water feasibility study
  • New contracts, expanding MTO, Great Lakes
  • New fire equipment

5 year capital plan, community well investigation plan, subdivision

development plan, residential lot development plan, landfill cleanup plan.